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Pac-Man Picture Disc Vinyl

Pac-Man’s Magic Land

You no doubt played this game in the eighties, but did you know that there was a full-length Pac-Man album? This obscure picture disc reveals what Pac-Man’s voice sounded like, and you might be surprised:

Welcome to the magic land of Pac-Man

It also has some strange music and short skits, featuring The Pac-Man and the Ghosts, with strange eighties synths and bizarre voice acting.

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Fix for random hostnames on Mac OS X

OS X assigns hostnames automatically by default. To do this it will often do a reverse DNS lookup for your IP address. If you connect and disconnect from DHCP networks often, you will find that your IP address changes frequently, resulting in your computer getting randomly assigned the hostname of another machine  on the network. Needless to say this can get pretty annoying. There’s an easy fix though.

Just edit /etc/hostconfig and add this line:
There’s a little more info here.

Launchy Runtime Error

After upgrading to the newest version of Launchy, it started to crash at seemingly random times. I’m using version 2.5.0 on Windows Vista 64. I tried this solution with no luck. Eventually I came across a comment that said to simply disable the Controly plugin.